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E-Book Museum Guide Deutsches Museum

This guide is the perfect companion as you stroll through the Deutsches Museum. Its clear layout, with introductory texts and extensive illustrations, helps the visitor choose from among the many fascinating exhibitions. It also points the way to the masterpieces of science and technology that have made the Deutsches Museum famous for more than 100 years. The oldest exhibits, dating back thousands of years, bear witness to our cultural history. The newest represent the key technologies of the 21st century. Along with important information for your visit to the museum, the guide has valuable tips on such topics as visits with children and adolescents. This will help you to find your way on all levels of the museum, from the depths of the model coal mine to the celestial heights of the planetarium.

E-Book Museum Guide Deutsches Museum
2018 Deutsches Museum
ISBN 978-3-940396-74-7
Buchhandelspreis 7,00 €