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Deutsches Museum (ed.)

Museum Guide

“ALL NEW!” became the official motto for the Deutsches Museum on 8 July 2022. On this day, following many years of renovation, 19 new and redesigned exhibitions opened their doors to visitors on the Museumsinsel in Munich city centre. From agriculture and aviation, to chemistry and classical optics, mathematics and musical instruments, visitors can now see and experience the most modern Deutsches Museum of all time across an area of around 20,000 square metres.

This clearly structured guide invites you to explore a truly unique museum and to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of science and technology. In addition to important information for your visit, it contains interesting facts about the new exhibitions, introduces you to the masterpieces of science and technology, and provides helpful tips, for example about interactive activity stations that should not be missed!

Museum Guide
Deutsches Museum. 19 new exhibitions
2023 Deutsches Museum
ISBN 978-3-948808-14-3
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