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Deutsches Museum (Hrsg.)

Geliebte Technik der 1950er Jahre

Favorite Technologies of the 1950s Witnesses to the Times from our Depot The Federal Republic of Germany began to prosper again after World War II and years of reconstruction thanks to technical innovations, ushering in the period known in Germany as the “Wirtschaftswunder” or “economic miracle”. The 1950s in Germany were a colourful time of kidney-shaped tables, petticoats, and cocktail chairs – witnessing the arrival of technology in private homes: with fully automatic washing machines and hairdryers, toasters and refrigerators, recorder players and television sets. The catalogue section features selected exhibits from the vast holdings of the museum that reflect the state of the art of the 1950s.

Geliebte Technik der 1950er Jahre
Zeitzeugen aus unserem Depot
2010 Deutsches Museum
192 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-940396-17-4
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