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New every day, live every day – our daily programme takes place between 9.30 and 16.30. Here, you can get an overview of all events. Please note that the events are held in German.

A Selection from our Daily Programme

Flugzeug Ju 52 in der Ausstellungshalle Historische Luftfahrt.
Blick in Flugsimulator auf Basis des zweimotorigen Flugzeugs DA 42 NG der modernen Luftfahrt
Modellbahn in Betrieb. Bahnhofszene mit Beleuchtung.
Grob und Hansajet in der Ausstellung Moderne Luftfahrt.
Blick den Ausstellungsbereich "Glieder und Gelenke".
Lebensgroßes Modell Operationstisch Ausstellung Gesundheit
Modell von einem menschlichen Ohr.
Überdimensionales Modell eines Herzens
Der Melkroboter in der Ausstellung.
Regal mit verschiedenen Lebensmitteln in der Ausstellung Landwirtschaft und Ernährung.
Almhütte und Maisgebiss (Ernte-Aufsatz für landwirtschaftliches Fahrzeug)
Bau der Neuilly Brücke.
Blick in den ersten Raum der Ausstellung Musikinstrumente mit zwei großen Orgeln und weiteren Tasteninstrumenten.
Ausstellungsmodul Kartoffelkäfer Ausstellung Chemie
Atommodell von Eisen mit Atomkern im Zentrum.
Eine Mitarbeiterin der Ausstellung Chemie zündet im Labor Salze an und eine weiße Flamme und Rauch sticht empor.
Im DNA-Besucherlabor.
Humanoider Roboter NAO.
Kaplan-Turbine in der Ausstellung Energie - Motoren.

Procedure and Organisation

Our daily programme is published on the website and in the museum app every day at around 9.20. The guided tours and demonstrations take place daily between 10.00 and 16.20. The Deutsches Museum is open from 9 to 17.00. All programmes begin either directly where the activity takes place or at a guided tour meeting point in the relevant exhibition - indicated on site.

Complex Topics explained in a simple Manner

From electrician to instrument maker, from machinist to pilot: In our exhibitions you will meet highly qualified staff. They will demonstrate original equipment and models and show you how they work. 

Depending on your interests, choose one of around 40 free guided tours and demonstrations from the daily programme and let our exhibition staff explain even complex topics to you in a knowledgeable and personal way.

Suitable for whom?

The daily programme is open to individual visitors and small groups of up to 5 people. Find out more about each programme item directly on their respective page. There we indicate whether language skills are necessary or which programmes are particularly suitable for families.

You want to participate in a programme with a group?

Please understand that the day programme is not suitable for groups of more than 5 people. We do offer bookable programmes for groups. You can find out more about this on our website educational offers.