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Tips and Service Information

  • Group discounts from 15 persons

    Group tickets for children, students or adults are on offer again. Adults in groups of 15 or more (per person) €12. All information on group discounts and free accompanying persons can be found on the Admission and Tickets page.

  • Blick auf die Museumsinsel mit dem Sammlungsbau in München.

    Blick auf die Museumsinsel mit dem Sammlungsbau in München. Photo: Deutsches Museum

    Time Factor

    When to come?
    If you can arrange it, come during the week. Good to know: During the Bavarian school holidays, the Deutsches Museum is usually very busy, especially in case of bad weather. At the moment we have strict regulations on the number of visitors allowed in the museum at any one time. A visit is usually relaxed under the current regulations.

    And how much time should you allow?
    Two hours fly by. After all, we are one of the largest museums in Germany. If you're good on foot, you'll be happy to cover a few kilometres here - from the mine deep in the basement to the Sundial Garden or the Planetarium Terraces on Level 6. Many guests also spend a whole day in the museum.

How to make the Most of your Visit

Our Classics:

View into space – stellar nursery


Discover an ensemble of extraordinary exhibits across several floors. Take a guided tour to two historic observatories and explore the state-of-the-art exhibition area on cosmology.



A unique experience! Walk through this 500-metre long exhibition mine and gain a very realistic insight into an underground world of days gone by.

Power Machinery exhibition.

Power Machinery

Step into what feels like an old machine hall, with spinning water wheels and steam engines – many of which look like works of art and can still be set in motion today!

Newton’s cradle from the Physics exhibition


From mechanics to magnetism: learn in clear and simple terms about the basic concepts of physics. You can also try your hand at the many interactive stations.

What you may not know yet:

Cave painting in Altamira Cave.

Altamira Cave

Unique to the Deutsches Museum: in 1962, the legendary Altamira Cave in northern Spain and its exceptional Stone Age paintings were reconstructed as closely as possible to the original, using a process that was considered a pioneering achievement at the time!

Energietechnik - Windrad.

Energy Technology

How can energy be harnessed in a manner useful for mankind – and what are the environmental consequences? Discover the alternatives, from fusion reactors to wind turbines and solar panels.

View of a diving suit in the Oceanography exhibition.


With the help of the submersible GEO exhibited here, the primitive deep-sea creatures called coelacanths were filmed for the first time ever in their natural environment! The exhibition offers insights into fascinating underwater worlds and the history of diving.

Chronometry exhibition


Immerse yourself in a fascinating story: from some of the earliest methods of measuring time, such as water clocks and hourglasses, to the most modern examples from the art of watchmaking.


Frequently asked Questions about Group Visits


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