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From a marble run, night sky and shadow theatre to a hall of mirrors and music room: in Milla’s wonder machine, younger visitors can take their fir

  • For anyone between three and eight years of age – with an accompanying adult.
  • 14 interactive activity stations across an exhibition area of 600 sqm
  • Groups, school groups or nursery groups are, of course, welcome after prior registration.
  • Parents, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and other adults can enter only if accompanied by a child.

Giant Guitar

Not only is it possible to play the giant guitar – you can also crawl inside it!
Pluck one of its strings. What do you feel? Use your hands to feel the sound’s vibrations on the walls of the guitar.
The hollow wooden body enhances the sound of the instrument. Count the guitar strings! The giant guitar is a replica of a very old guitar and therefore only has five strings.

You can find more musical instruments in the Musical Instruments Exhibition.

“I like the guitar – it’s really big. I wish I was that big.”
Luka, aged 6

Books for Children

These Exhibitions are particularly interesting for Children:



A unique experience! Walk through this 500-metre long exhibition mine and gain a very realistic insight into an underground world of days gone by.

View of a diving suit in the Oceanography exhibition.


With the help of the submersible GEO exhibited here, the primitive deep-sea creatures called coelacanths were filmed for the first time ever in their natural environment! The exhibition offers insights into fascinating underwater worlds and the history of diving.

Familie vor Fischer-Ewer „Maria“

Marine Navigation

Bridges between continents: ships enabled access to the farthest corners of the earth. Marine navigation has fostered communication and trade, but it has also led to many wars. Trace the development of shipping in this wonderful exhibition.

Wings of the Lilienthal glider.

Historic Aviation

Be inspired by an original plane from the Wright brothers and a faithful replica of Otto Lilienthal’s glider. Learn all about mankind’s dream of flight and how it became reality.

View into space – stellar nursery


Discover an ensemble of extraordinary exhibits across several floors. Take a guided tour to two historic observatories and explore the state-of-the-art exhibition area on cosmology.