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Amidst some 500 fascinating exhibits, including 10 planes and 6 helicopters, discover how and why aircraft can fly so safely – and how technology has evolved since the 1950s.

Modern Aviation exhibition – overview

Modern Aviation covers topics such as the science behind flight, the aircraft construction process, how planes are operated and, of course, safety in the air. The exhibition traces the history of aviation since 1945 across two levels and is dominated by a supersonic Starfighter, a Hansa jet, a Grob corporate jet and a Sikorsky helicopter. Large sections of aircraft cabins, cockpits and wings are also on display alongside much smaller exhibits, such as aircraft models. The basics of flying, aircraft construction and individual systems and engines are explored in detail. And visitors can also take a look behind the scenes of flight operations and see how air traffic controllers and pilots interact with each other and learn about different aspects of flight safety. Interactive media stations and hands-on exhibits bring this fascinating topic to life!

Programme in this exhibition

Grob und Hansajet in der Ausstellung Moderne Luftfahrt.

When will this event take place?

Discover which activities are taking place by checking our daily programme, which is published at around 9.20 each day. Our programme changes daily and includes guided tours, demonstrations, science shows and hands-on activities for individual visitors and small groups of up to five people. All programme events are held in German. They begin either directly where the activity is set to take place or at a guided-tour meeting point in the relevant exhibition.

aircraft engines

Flugmotor Limbach SL 1700, geschnitten

From: Limbach Flugmotoren GmbH

Date: 1969

Motor Rotax 912

From: -

Date: 2012

Strahltriebwerk Pratt & Whitney JT 3 C-7

From: Pratt & Whitney

Date: 1959 - 1960

Strahltriebwerk Pirna 014, geschnitten

From: VEB Triebwerksentwicklung

Date: ca. 1958

Strahltriebwerk Rolls-Royce "Dart" Mk 506

From: Rolls-Royce Limited (Derby)

Date: 1969

Strahltriebwerk Iwtschenko AI-20 M, geschnitten

From: Iwtschenko Progress

Date: ca. 1975

Strahltriebwerk General Electric CF 6- 50D

From: General Electric Company (Aircraft Engine Group)

Date: 1974

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