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Aircraft and models: wander amongst numerous original aircraft and trace the history of flight in the first half of the 20th century – a time when aviation experienced rapid technological progress.

Featuring numerous original aircraft in all shapes and sizes, the Historic Aviation exhibition is a real eye-catcher. On Level 1 and in a gallery on the mezzanine above, the focus is on the history of flight during the first half of the 20th century, when aviation experienced rapid technological progress. A key theme is how the two world wars influenced the direction of development. Level 1 covers the period of the Weimar Republic, the years from 1933 to the end of World War II, and an overview of aircraft engines. The gallery, on the other hand, is dedicated to model and glider flight. Between the impressive exhibits, including a Junkers F13 and a Messerschmitt Me 262, media stations and hands-on exhibits trace the fascinating history of aviation.

Programme in this exhibition

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Discover which activities are taking place by checking our daily programme, which is published at around 9.20 each day. Our programme changes daily and includes guided tours, demonstrations, science shows and hands-on activities for individual visitors and small groups of up to five people. All programme events are held in German. They begin either directly where the activity is set to take place or at a guided-tour meeting point in the relevant exhibition.

Cross section through the exhibition

Motorflugzeug Messerschmitt M 17

From: Messerschmitt Flugzeugbau; Messerschmitt, Willy

Date: 1925

Luftschraube (Verstellpropeller), Argus

From: Argus Motoren GmbH

Date: ca. 1944

Flugmotor Siemens Sh 14 A 4, geschnitten

From: Brandenburgische Motorenwerke GmbH; Siemens-und-Halske-Aktiengesellschaft <Berlin (West), München>

Date: ca. 1936

Kommandogerät für Flugmotor BMW 801

From: Askania-Werke <Berlin, West>

Date: ca. 1940

Flugmotor BMW 801 TJ

From: BMW Flugmotorenbau GmbH

Date: 1944

Luftschraube VDM, 3-Blatt

From: Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke AG

Date: 1936

Peenemünder Pfeil

From: Rheinmetall-Borsig AG

Date: 1944

Strahltriebwerk Heinkel He S3B, Nachbildung, geschnitten

From: Ohain, Hans von; Motoren- und Turbinen-Union München GmbH

Date: 1935 - 1939

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