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Engines convert power from petrol, gas, wind and the sun into kinetic energy. Discover the various propulsion systems that form the heart of our machines – and which keep our modern world running.

In the Energy – Motors exhibition, the entire range of engines is presented and shown in motion across seven rectangular thematic islands. Alongside numerous interactive elements, visitors can discover and experience wind turbines, gas turbines, combustion engines, water turbines and hot-air engines, as well as wave and tidal turbines. Rudolf Diesel’s first diesel engine from 1897 is an absolute must-see! The thematic islands are framed by two long walls, and on the far side, pioneering innovations from all areas of energy technology are arranged chronologically. In front of this is a comfortable 45-metre-long bench that invites visitors to sit and view treasures from the museum’s collection in the enormous engine showcase.

Facts and Figures

  • Location: Level 0
  • Exhibition space: approx. 810 m2
  • Objects: approx. 130
  • Demonstrations and exhibits that can be demonstrated: approx. 22

Special objects in the collection

Balancier - Dampfmaschine

From: Freund, Georg Christian

Date: 1815


From: Richards, William; Richards, William

Date: 1813

Hochdruck-Dampfmaschine von E. Alban

From: Eisengießerei und Maschinenbauanstalt Güstrow; Alban, Ernst; Eisengießerei und Maschinenbauanstalt Güstrow

Date: 1840

Erste deutsche Dampf-Lokomobile

From: Maschinenfabrik R. Wolf

Date: 1862

Gleichdruck-Dampfturbine von de Laval

From: Laval, Carl Gustav P. de

Date: 1888

Dampfmaschine in liegender Bauweise

From: Kuhn, Gotthilf

Date: 1863


From: Maschinenbaugesellschaft Karlsruhe

Date: 1899 - 1900

Kolben-Dampfmaschine mit Achsenregelung

From: Dinglersche Maschinenfabrik

Date: 1896

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