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Kaplan-Turbine in der Ausstellung Energie - Motoren.Photo: Deutsches Museum
  • Guided tour

What drives the world

Engines, turbines and more: discover the various propulsion systems that form the heart of our machines – and which keep our modern world running.

  • Adults, Young people

The exhibition “Energy – Motors” displays a wide variety of motors that work in different ways: from solar-powered Stirling engines and gas turbines for motor vehicles to huge water and wind turbines. During the guided tour, selected machines can be seen in action.

When will this event take place?

Discover which activities are taking place by checking our daily programme, which is published at around 9.20 each day. Our programme changes daily and includes guided tours, demonstrations, science shows and hands-on activities for individual visitors and small groups of up to five people. All programme events are held in German. They begin either directly where the activity is set to take place or at a guided-tour meeting point in the relevant exhibition.

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