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Atomic Physics

Everything revolves around the nucleus

Image Script Codes

In the sign of understanding

Die Ausstellung Brücken und Wasserbau in der Bauphase.

Bridges and Hydraulic Engineering

Here it is under and over!


Transformation, experimentation and use

Blick in die Ausstellung Deutscher Zukunftspreis. Modul 2018 zum Thema "Schutz bei fehlendem Immunsystem".

Federal President's Prize

Excellence that works!


Faster, smaller, better!

Energy – Motors

Powerful Drive

Photography and Film

The Technique of the Image

Nahaufnahme des Foucault’schen Pendels im Museumsturm. Kreisrunde Scheibe von 3 m Durchmesser über ihr die schwingende Bleikugel.

Foucault Pendulum

Standstill with 1117 km/h


From Head to Toe

Historic Aviation

It's going up

Kids' Kingdom

The big place for little explorers

Classical Optics

Brought to Light

Regal mit Lebensmitteln in der Ausstellung Landwirtschaft und Ernährung.

Agriculture and Food

From the Field to the Table


Fun to the power of three

Model Railway

Fascinating train by train

Modern Aviation

Welcome aboard

Musical Instruments

Sounds in the sign of the times


A journey into space

Therapieroboter QTrobot.


Serving machines