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Unlike other museums, the Deutsches Museum has its own publishing house. Discover our books, games and magazines.

New publications

English language or bilingual publications

From richly illustrated exhibition catalogues to academic monographs, the Museum publishes a wide variety of titles that cater for both academics and general readers. All titles are inspired by the Museum's famous collections, presenting new insights into both familiar and unknown objects and scientific knowledge.

As most of the publications are in German language the Museum also offers a number of titles in English or bilingual publications.

Museum and Exhibition Guides

Exhibition Catalogues


Melanie Jahreis, Sara Marquart, Nina Möllers (Hrsg.)

Cosmos Coffee

A richly illustrated volume that takes you on a pleasurable and surprising journey through “Cosmos Coffee”.

Games and Puzzles

Glass Technology

Academic Publications

DM Studies

Panagiotis Poulopoulos

New Voices in Old Bodies

A comprehensive insight into the foundation and development of the musical instrument department at the Deutsches Museum in the beginning of the twentieth century while discussing issues of provenance and authenticity of historic instruments.