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Excellence that works!

The Federal President’s Prize is the German President’s award for technology and innovation. It honors the developers of outstanding technical or scientific innovations. The prize, which is awarded annually, honors projects that start from basic research and lead to marketable products. It underscores the close link between idea and implementation, between creative excellence and commercial success.

“Turning ideas into success. For the people. For the country.” – This is the guiding principle behind the works that have been on display in the Federal President’s Prize exhibition since the end of 2006. The presentation of each of the ten latest award-winning projects demonstrates the scientific excellence and sustainable impact of the respective innovation. The exhibition presents the prize winners involved as personalities and role models whose achievements are honored in the “Hall of Fame”.

Facts and figures:
Location: Level 0+ (mezzanine level, access via entrance hall)
Exhibition area: 300 sqm
10 individual modules