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What happens in the demonstration?

From Innsbruck to the Caribbean in 36 seconds: It feels like the transporter on the Starship Enterprise. The runway in Innsbruck has hardly disappeared below, and suddenly the hilly islands of St. Barth and St. Martin appear against the deep blue sea. The professional flight simulator makes it possible! This equipment is used to train new pilots and to refresh the skills of experienced professionals.

Visitors are not permitted to man the controls, but get an up-close look as the skilled Deutsches Museum staff execute all kinds of manoeuvres. With a curved movie screen showing the terrain and a live display of the control panel, aviation buffs will come very close to their dream of piloting an aircraft.

Flight simulator DA 42 NG

The simulator is a pilot training device based on the two-engine DA 42 NG aeroplane by Diamond Aircraft. It is fitted with an original cockpit and the corresponding instruments. The flight characteristics and performance match those of a real aircraft. The simulator has a seat for the instructor.

The simulated view is created with three projectors (and four PCs) on a panoramic projection screen, creating an almost realistic 3D experience for the pilot. A database with a full range of cartographic data for the Earth's surface makes it possible to fly simulated approaches to any airport in the world.

Simulators of this kind are used for pilot training at flying schools all over the world.