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The sun at the beach, the scanner at the supermarket checkout or the signal in a fibre optic cable: when light encounters matter – or matter encounters light – exciting things happen!

While we come across some of these phenomena in our daily lives, others are invisible to the human eye or entirely elude our understanding.
In the Classical Optics exhibition, we focus on observations with light that we regularly experience first-hand. Since the early 20 th century, scientists have discovered new phenomena in the interaction between light and matter that defy our intuition and can be explained by the laws of quantum physics.
The Light and Matter exhibition presents the foundations of quantum optics and demonstrates how our understanding of light and matter has evolved over the past century. These new insights are essential for the fields of quantum science and quantum technologies, which are both active areas of intensive research today.

The exhibition “Light and Matter” developed in cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence “Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology” (MCQST).

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