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Our open access book series distributes research outputs from the Deutsches Museum and its network free of charge

DM Studies

Gun-Brit Thoma, Lorenz Kampschulte, Inga Specht, Doris Lewalter, Stephan Schwan, Olaf Köller

Wer geht in welches Museum?

Vergleichende Besucherstrukturanalyse in den acht Forschungsmuseen der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft

About DM Studies

The research landscape of the Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum places great emphasis on conducting research into the history of science and technology. Our research is not only closely linked to the museum’s collections, exhibitions and educational activities, but also to its many national and international cooperation partners, especially its partnerships with the local Munich universities and their wider networks. We also respond to current developments in science, politics and society.

The range of publications of DM Studies

The series Deutsches Museum Studies (ISSN 2365-9149) publishes longer academic studies in the form of monographs, edited volumes and scholarly editions that reflect the thematic spectrum of the museum. The main purpose of the series is to record and communicate the results of research projects at the museum and its cooperating institutions. The volumes explore the history of science and technology as well as current undertakings in conservation science, collections and museum studies.

Open access with high academic standards

Although the Deutsches Museum Studies is published in print, it is primarily an online publication. The series demonstrates the Deutsches Museum's expanding commitment to open access (CC-BY-SA 3.0). The editors and the Deutsches Museum Verlag place emphasis on high standards of scholarly research and publishing, and every manuscript we receive is assessed according to these criteria. The peer review process is single-blind. Editing, layout and production costs are covered by the Deutsches Museum. Thus, Deutsches Museum Studies commits to the so-called diamond open access.

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