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The path is a "walk through our solar system", from the sun in the museum courtyard to the outermost planet at Hellabrunn Zoo.

Everything Revolves Around the Sun

The tour starts in the inner courtyard of the Deutsches Museum: here you will find the solar station with the large solar sphere. Along the stations of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune you reach the station of Pluto at the entrance of the zoo after 4.5km. (The planetary walk was opened in 1995, when Pluto was still considered the ninth and outermost planet of the solar system). The walk takes just over an hour.

Hiking at 4 billion km/h

For one step on the Inter-planetary Walk, you would have to cover more than a million kilometres in space. The proportions and distances between the planets are shown on a scale of 1:1.29 billion. This means that for one kilometre on the Planetary Walk, you would have to travel 1.29 billion kilometres in space. From the sun in the museum courtyard to Pluto at the zoo, adults need about 5900 steps.

The Planetary Stations

The planetary stations consist of two metres high triangular pillars, which are placed along the path. On each pillar there is information about the respective planet, the entire solar system and the route. In a combination of experiencing nature and learning about science, you get an impression of the dimensions of our solar system and the tininess of the planets on this 4.5 km long hike.