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Fertigung von Mikrochips.Photo: Micron Technology
  • Workshop

Microchip Lab

Microchips not only control smartphones and cars, but also washing machines and toasters. How do these dazzling little things work and how are they manufactured?

  • Adults, Young people

Integrated circuits on microchips control the functions of the electronic devices in our everyday world. In the microchip workshop, you'll discover how information is linked and stored on the chips and what a transistor has to do with it.

Thanks to our cooperation with Micron Technology, we can give you a look behind the scenes of the development and manufacturing of DRAM memory chips.
The Tech & Tinkering Lab would like to thank Micron Technology for its support!

Micron Technology is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of memory chips. Special memories for graphics cards are developed here in Munich. The Micron Foundation supports projects worldwide: It places particular importance on supporting children and young people, especially underrepresented or disadvantaged groups, in science and technology topics.

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