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Der erste Sternenprojektor, das Modell I von Zeiss.Photo: Deutsches Museum, München
  • Special exhibition
Last date on 28. January 2024

Centennial of the planetarium

The special exhibition shows highlights from planetarium technology and invites you on a journey into the universe.

In 1923, a technical innovation was presented on the Museumsinsel in Munich that was to spread around the world from there: the projection planetarium. The artificial starry sky already thrilled visitors back then. The Deutsches Museum is celebrating the anniversary with the special exhibition "Centennial of the Planetarium".

The exhibition features the first planetarium projector, the legendary Zeiss projector "Model I", the first planetarium projector from 1923, or the four-metre-high, 2.5-tonne "Model IV", which was in service at the Deutsches Museum from 1961 to 1988. But exhibits from earlier times also bear witness to man's centuries-long preoccupation with the night sky, such as an astrolabe from the 16th century, a disc-shaped instrument for calculating celestial motion. Also on display are recent images from space, including those sent to Earth by the Hubble Telescope.

The heart of the exhibition is the modern planetarium with projector and beamer, a mobile dome ten metres in diameter. Anyone who goes inside can travel virtually through space - from Earth to Mars to the Jupiter moons from our solar system to the end of the universe or explore the starry sky above Munich. The planetarium shows take place several times a day. You need a ticket for this, which is available at the box office or at the information desk in the entrance hall.

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