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The Deutsches Museum Bonn, the only branch of the Deutsches Museum outside Bavaria, opened in 1995. The focus of the exhibition is contemporary research and technology in Germany after 1945. After a good 25 years, a new orientation is now on the agenda: Now, as part of its "Mission AI," the house is setting out to become the central forum for artificial intelligence. Over the next few years, considerable parts of the current permanent exhibition will therefore be transformed into new "experience spaces" that aim to sensitize visitors to the opportunities, challenges and risks of the key technology of the 21st century.

What is there to see and experience?

From now on, the "new" Deutsches Museum Bonn will combine its previous strengths with the new "Mission AI". For example, it is integrating its outstanding collection of historical objects on contemporary physics, especially particle and accelerator physics, into the framework of the new orientation: for example, on the basis of the question of how artificial intelligence is already being used today in research into the fundamentals of matter.

Just as digitization is constantly evolving, so too are the offerings for guests young and old. However, the focus is always on the dialog about the sensible use of artificial intelligence – always at eye level and with the active involvement of the visitors!

On 1400 square meters on two levels, the experience rooms "Artificial Intelligence" and "Artificial Neural Networks" vividly present the variety of applications as well as the basics of AI.

In addition, the "Touch Tomorrow Lab" of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation provides illuminating insights into the digital world of tomorrow. Moderated discovery tours in small groups regularly invite visitors to exchange ideas.

The focus is on the shared experience!

By trying things out and experimenting, people acquire basic knowledge and skills here so that they can have a say in questions relating to cyber security, autonomous driving or AI in the world of work. This active, action- and dialog-oriented museum experience is ensured by qualified employees who are always on hand to assist the public.

A museum for all!

Whether for adults, families, children or school classes – the Deutsches Museum Bonn has something to offer for everyone. Extensive programs to supplement lessons, workshops on a variety of natural science topics or even colorful children's birthday parties additionally round out the offerings. In the future, these offerings will increasingly turn to playful, creative ways of teaching the basics of digitization. However, the following applies to all formats: prior knowledge is not necessary, curiosity is enough