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Laptop mit offener Druckgrafik neben einem 3D-Drucker in Aktion.Photo: Deutsches Museum
  • Workshop

Discover 3D printing

Discover how a model is created on the computer and how the 3D printer learns what to do. You can try modelling yourself and experience how objects grow layer by layer.

  • Adults, Family and children, Young people

Children can participate from the age of 14 accompanied by an adult.

This workshop gives you a first introduction to the topic of 3D printing. How is the part you want to print formed with a CAD programme? What is possible? Why does printing sometimes go wrong and when does a model need a "support"?

You will find out that metal, ceramics and concrete are also "printed" and you can inspect fascinating objects from the laser-sintering facilities of the company EOS.

We would like to point out that participants will not be able to print "their own" part in this setting.

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