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The MiG-15 was the first Soviet jet with sweepback wings.It was designed by the engineering group A.I. Mikoyan /M.I. Gurevich and was flown in 1947 for the first time. The jet engine was based on the British engine Rolls-Royce “Nene”. The USSR, Poland, and the People’s Republic of China built numerous versions of the MiG-15 in large numbers.

During the Korean War 1950-52 the flight performance of the MiG-15 far exceeded the performance of enemy fighter planes. It became the standard fighter plane in many communist countries.

The trainer version MiG-15 UTI was employed in more than 30 countries until the 1960s.The plane on display was built in Poland and was flown by the Polish Air Force until 1982.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufactuerer: Wytwornie Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego W.S.K. Milec / Poland, 1954
  • Wing span: 10.08 m
  • Take-off mass: 5300 kg
  • Max.speed: 1015 km/h (Ma = 0.92) at sea level
  • Ceiling: 15 km
  • Propulsion: Klimov WK-1 jet engine
  • Thrust: 26.5 kN
  • Armaments: 1 cannon