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The Douglas DC-3 passenger and transport aircraft (known in its military version as the C-47) is an aviation classic.

The DC-3, which dominated the American air transport market from the 1930s until the 1950s, was produced in greater numbers than any of its rivals and was a vital force in establishing a mass market for air travel. It was also used for handling Allied air transport during the Second World War.  The C-47 (DC-3) aircraft on display was built in the USA as a military aircraft in 1943. It was first flown by the British Royal Air Force before serving the West German air force as a passenger and transport aircraft until 1967. The orange paintings are typical for its last purpose: it was then used until 1976 in the testing of military air traffic control systems and radio navigation equipment

Technical specifications:

Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company, Santa Monica, California, USA, 1943
Wingspan: 28.9 m
Take-off weight: 12,250 kg
Passengers: 21
Crew: 4
Cruising speed: 290 km/h at a height of 3400 m
Range: 2560 km
Power plant: Two Pratt & Whitney R-1830-90B 14-cylinder twin-row radial engines
Power rating: 2 x 880 kW