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Single engine powered trainer

The Bü 181 was the standard trainer used by the German Luftwaffe from 1940 until the end of World War II.

The arrangement of two seats next to each other in an enclosed cabin is ideal for training purposes.

About 3400 were produced during World War II.

Production continued after the war in Sweden, Czechoslovakia and in Egypt.

Many of these planes were flown as sports and touring airplanes during the post-war period with civilian certification.

The airplane exhibited here was flown for the last time

on August 24, 1997.

  • Wing span                              10.6 m

  • Take-off weight                      750 kg

  • Cruising speed                       200 km/h

  • Range                                     800 km

  • Propulsion                             air-cooled, 4-cylinder Hirth HM 500 A-1 inline engine

  • Output                                    78 kW (105 hp)