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The monoplane fragment by the Vollmoeller brothers is part of one of the oldest motorised german planes.

Karl Vollmoeller (1878-1948) designed the aircraft, and his brother Hans (1889-1917) flew it. The first flight for 300 meters, six meters above the ground took place in April of 1910 near Stuttgart. An accident on April 14, 1910 which killed a spectator ended the brothers’ aircraft construction. Karl Vollmoeller was an archaeologist, author, automobile and airplane designer and enthusiast. He built two gliders and two powered aircraft. On exhibit here is his last airplane. Hans Vollmoeller taught himself to fly as he tested the aircraft. He made a name for himself prior to World War I as a successful competitive pilot of the “Rumpler Taube”. He was killed in a crash in 1917.

Technical specifications:

  • Wing span: 9.1 m
  • Wing area: 20 m2
  • Weight: 350 kg ( estimated)
  • Cruising speed: 60 km/h (estimated)
  • Propulsion:  Anzani three-cylinder W-type engine
  • Output: 18 kW (25hp)