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This one-seater helicopter was home-made using a kit available on the market.

Dennis Fetters, an American, formed the company “Revolution Helicopter Corp. Inc” to develop and market a do-it-yourself helicopter. Design work began in mid-1990, and four years later the first kit was sold to a paying customer. The product met with a strong response, with 535 kits sold. Not all of them were completed, however. About 100 of the helicopters are believed to have flown by 1997. The company was shut down at the end of 1999 due to financial problems, and production was stopped. The helicopter was designed so that anyone with some technical background could build it. No special skills were required to assemble the kit, and no special tools were needed apart from those found in a normal home handyman’s toolbox. Until the fall of 2002, when it was handed over to the museum, the constructor of the helicopter Manfred Diekow put in 120 hours flying and hovering with this helicopter.

    Technical specifications:

    • Manufacturer of kit:  Revolution Helicopter Corp. Inc., Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USA, 1999
    • Rotor diameter: 5.8 m
    • Take-off weight: 450 kg
    • Maximum speed: 145 km/h
    • Range: 360 km
    • Power plant: Rotax 582 two-cylinder two-stroke engine
    • Power rating: 58 kW