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Aerodynamically controlled UL.

Adolf Reuter (1914-1986) designed and built this plane based on 60 years of flying experience. He learned to fly by the age of 12 and spent the rest of his life teaching others to fly. Reuter began building the UL-Arco in 1979. The first flight took place in 1985. The letter “UL” stand for ultralight airplane. In accordance with the regulations of the time, the weight of the airworthy plane without pilot and fuel was limited to 150 kg. In contrast to other sports planes, ultralight aircraft have more lenient requirements in design, manufacture, and operation.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Adolf Reuter, Marburg, Germany, 1985
  • Wingspan 10.0 m
  • Empty weight 149 kg
  • Take-off weight: (max.) 300 kg    
  • Cruising speed: 95 km/h
  • Power plant: König SC 430 three-cylinder two-stroke radial engine
  • Power rating: 18 kW