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High-performance hang glider for experienced flyers.

Compared to the gliders flown in the 1970s, the flying performance of the Gryphon has clearly improved. It is, however, somewhat sensitive and overly quick to react to pilot steering and for this reason, should only be flown by experienced pilots. The standard vertical stabilizer has been replaced by a long cross bar. The narrow wings thus formed produce a relatively great lift with comparatively little air resistance. The Gryphon’s sail is no longer completely flexible, as were the early Rogallo type hang gliders, but has been stabilized with a number of battens. The sail extends from the top surface over the leading edge to the trailing edge, forming a profiled area with an upper and lower sail (double sail).

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Waspair Ltd., Wellington / Great Britain, 1980
  • Wing span: 10 m
  • Wing area: 16 m2
  • Mass: 24 kg
  • Gliding ratio: about 10
  • Dimensions, packed: 4.2 m x 0.30 m x 0.30 m