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This was one of the first collapsible hang gliders with flexible sails in Germany. 

The original basic triangular or delta wing form, which is attributed to the American Rogallo, gave this glider its shape. Due to this design, the hang glider is widely known as the “delta flyer”. The sail of the Huber alpine glider is not yet stabilized with battens. Without them, the sail flutters or sags at high speeds. The so-called “flutter crash” caused a number of serious accidents during the early days of gliding. The Huber alpine glider meets the needs of the alpine recreational flyer. The relatively light weight and the small dimensions of the packed equipment make it possible to carry.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Huber Drachenflug GmbH, München, 1972
  • Wing span: 6.8 m
  • Wing area: 19 m2
  • Mass: 17 kg
  • Gliding ratio: 5
  • Dimensions, packed: 1.9 m x 0.3 m
  • Set up time: about 15 min.