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To be fired into space, the new Ariane 5 launcher rocket needs two powerful booster rockets.

The casings for these rockets are produced in special manufacturing processes by MT Aerospace in Augsburg, Germany.

The outwardly visible identifying feature of the new Ariane 5 is the pair of gigantic solid-fuel boosters, whose casings are built by MAN Technologie. These rockets give the Ariane 5 launcher an initial boost, and provide about 90 percent of total thrust at the launch. Their task is complete after just 120 seconds, and they are then separated by a pyrotechnic detonation and parachuted to splashdown and recovery.

A complete booster casing consists of seven tube-shaped segments. One of them is the exhibit on display.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer:  MAN-Technologie AG, Augsburg, 1990

Section on display:

  • Length:  3.5 m
  • Diameter:  3.1 m
  • Weight:  2550 kg
  • Thickness:  8 mm
  • Material:  low alloy, reinforced tempered steel

Overall booster rocket:

  • Lenth: 25 m
  • Casing weight:  19.6 t
  • Thrust:  6000 kN