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How will artificial intelligence (AI) shape our society in the future?

The British artist STANZA explored this subject in our past art exhibition. Until the end of November 2023, we presented works on the subject of digital life in the first part of the exhibition. Then everything was new: from 1 to 26 December 2023, the focus was on urban landscapes and the effects of their networks. The small special exhibition was part of the cooperative project 'intelligent.museum'.

How will AI influence our lives in the future?

The exhibited artworks are intended to encourage visitors to take a critical look at the topic of artificial intelligence. How will AI influence our future lives? Our cities are becoming increasingly networked and intelligent. The installations on display process real-time data from Germany and around the world. They make the invisible visible and reveal connections that we are rarely aware of. Intelligent systems can support us, but at the same time they can also become decision-makers. Who should have sovereignty over our living environment?

The centrepiece of the special exhibition is the artwork "The Nemesis Machine", which has been adapted to the space in the “Zukunftsmuseum”. The large city made of computer components processes data from Germany - and also from the exhibition space itself. Do they bring the machine to life?


STANZA is an internationally renowned artist who has won numerous prices. He has exhibited his works in over 100 exhibitions worldwide. Since the mid-eighties, he has been generating audiovisual installations, videos, CDs, paintings, software and artworks for public spaces. For some years now, his art has dealt in depth with the city as a system. In his works, he wants to critically question how we see ourselves in a world that is increasingly dominated by technologies and that could now theoretically monitor our every move.