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Leibniz Research Alliance Advanced Materials Safety

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Project description

In a dialog with the public, in which new communication formats are also tested, assessments, concerns and fears about the controversial topic of safety and risks of novel materials are collected and brought back to science. To further promote this discourse between science and society, the Deutsches Museum supports the research network and develops outreach activities together with the researchers.

Advanced materials contribute significantly in a wide range of applications, from the generation of green hydrogen to catalysis, energy storage and biomedicine. As such, they are critical to the development and deployment of important future technologies. Often, however, their contribution goes widely unnoticed.

Advanced materials combine different nano- and/or microscale building blocks into hierarchically structured hybrid materials. The combination of different components and the many possible compositions give rise to a complex hazard potential. The aim of the researchers of the Leibniz Research Alliance Advanced Materials Safety is therefore to investigate the safety of advanced materials throughout their entire life cycle.

Using example materials from the fields of energy and biomedicine, guidelines for safe and sustainable advanced materials are created and their effects on human health and environmental organisms are determined. Public perceptions of novel materials will be investigated, which in turn will benefit the researchers themselves for their own communication strategies. The individual projects will be supported by the development of a FAIR-compatible research data infrastructure.

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