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KultSam – Cultural Collections as Digital Repositories of Knowledge for Research, Teaching and Public Communication

Funded by

BMBF – Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project description

The collections of Germany’s cultural history museums and universities are unique representations of human intellectual activity, creativity and action. They are stored in a theme-centred and decentralised manner, but are only accessible to the public to a limited extent, are not fully developed in the necessary depth and their preservation is endangered. In the BMBF-funded preliminary project, a concept for the establishment of a digital research infrastructure for research support was developed.

What is KultSam?

In a ten-year development phase, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, KultSam aims at the development, establishment and operation of an inter- and transdisciplinary virtual environment for the research of the material culture of humans and the knowledge stored in museums and object collections.

Target group

KultSam addresses a diversified research community that spans from the classical humanities, social and cultural sciences and digital humanities to scientific disciplines in the field of restoration and conservation research. KultSam will act as a mediator and initiator for interdisciplinary cooperation possibilities.


Cooperation partners

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