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museum4punkt0 – Digital strategies for the museum of the future. Sub-project at the Deutsches Museum: 3D visualization: Perspectives in museum mediation

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The project is funded by Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

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Project description

The use of digital technologies in museums is both a challenge and an opportunity: knowledge can be combined and communicated in a targeted manner, previously inaccessible places can be experienced, and exhibition content can be discovered online.
In the joint project museum4punkt0, cultural institutions are testing new ways of using digital technologies in six sub-projects. The aim is to share knowledge gained together with other cultural institutions in the form of documentation and best practice guides.

The VRlab at the Deutsches Museum

In August 2018 the Deutsches Museum opened its VRlab. Since then, visitors have been able to virtually experience various objects (e.g. a flight with the Lilienthal glider or a ride with the Lunar Roving Vehicle over the surface of the moon) through VR technologies. The aim of the project is to test different approaches to digital storytelling in virtual museum worlds as well as to document and further develop the operating concept of the VRlab. As a result of the experience, we will develop innovative education concepts. In 2019 and 2020 a comprehensive evaluation of the VRlab was carried out, which included in-depth guideline-based interviews, observational data and a questionnaire analysis (n=400). The results will be incorporated into further developing the VRlab and will be presented in the final publication of the joint project “museum4punkt0”.

Augmented Reality Applications

In addition to VR, we also test educational approaches with AR applications. As part of the special exhibition “Cosmos Coffee”, an app was developed that visitors can test in the museum or on their own smartphones. The app is currently being evaluated by means of observations and interviews.

In further projects with cooperation partners from LMU, TUM and the Universität der Bundeswehr, prototypes for AR applications were developed and evaluated. AR applications were also the subject of a competition with representatives of the creative industries held at the end of 2019.

The 3D scan lab

The 3D scan lab has existed at the Deutsches Museum since 2019. Here, different methods of 3D digitization (e.g. photogrammetry, laser scanning methods, stripe light scanning methods) are tested and documented. In cooperation with the aerospace department we also accompanied and documented the process of a CT scan. The results of these analysis procedures will also be included in the final publication of the joint project.


Digitalwerkstatt Museum – Impulse für Vermittlung, Forschung & Entwicklung
13. bis 15. Oktober 2019

In Kooperation mit dem Deutschen Museum Digital:

  • Das digitale Objekt I
    3. bis 5. Dezember 2018
  • Das digitale Objekt II
    28. bis 29. November 2019
  • Das digitale Objekt III
    22. bis 23. Oktober 2020


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The VRlab at the Deutsches Museum

[Translate to English:] Lilienthalgleiter, Mondauto, Dampfmaschine: Im VRlab des Deutschen Museums kann man Meisterwerke der Technik auf ganz neue Art erleben.

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