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Key information

The 2G+ rule and FFP2 mask obligation apply.

  • All visitors aged 14 and over must be vaccinated twice against Corona or have recovered. In addition, they must have a negative corona test or be boostered. There are exceptions for children and young people (see below).

 Which test is needed?

  • Either a negative rapid antigen test (valid for 24 hours) or PCR test (valid for 48 hours) is accepted as test evidence.

When is one considered boosted?

  • Visitors are considered boostered if they have received a total of three vaccinations (also with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine).
  • You are also considered boostered if you have had a full course of vaccinations AND have subsequently survived an infection with the coronavirus.

When are you considered recovered?

  • You are considered recovered if you have survived a coronavirus infection and can prove this with a certificate of recovery. However, you are only considered to have recovered for three months. The positive corona test must have been taken no more than 90 days ago.   

What documents do I have to bring with me?

  • Visitors have to present an identity card to verify their identity. They also need a vaccination certificate or convalescent certificate and the respective test certificates. Pupils must bring a pupil ID card. Children who are not yet of school age need a document showing their age. The documents will be checked on Museum Island in the blue container on the Museum Courtyard before entering the Museum. At all other locations, check-in takes place at the museum entrance or at the ticket office.

What are the exceptions to the 2G+ rule for children and young people?

  • Children who have not yet started school and children under 14 who are regularly tested at school are exempt from the 2G+ rule. For these children, the pupil ID card or a comparable document proving the age is sufficient.
  • Pupils who are 14 years and older and are regularly tested at school must be vaccinated but do not have to show a separate test. For these young people, the student ID card or a comparable document is sufficient.

Hygiene rules

  • An FFP2 mask is compulsory in the museum for visitors aged 16 and over. Children under the age of six do not have to wear a mask, children between the ages of six and 15 must wear a medical mask.
  • Please observe the distance requirement of at least 1.50 metres to persons who are not members of your own household.
  • The rules also apply to all events in the rooms of the Deutsches Museum.
  • In the library and the archive on Munich's Museum Island, 2G applies: visitors must be fully vaccinated against Corona or have recovered.

Reduced access

The following areas are currently closed:

  • Kids' Kingdom
  • Planetarium

Current information about online tickets

  • The number of visitors is limited due to distance and hygiene regulations. Once the permitted number is reached on a particular date, no further online tickets will be available.
  • Individual days are currently selling out fast. Days on which tickets are no longer available are greyed out on the calendar in our online shop. In such cases, please select an alternative day for your visit.
  • Tickets are available until 16:00 on the respective day at the online ticket shop. Please note that the Deutsches Museum and its Munich branches close at 17:00.

    When is a visit not permitted?

    The State of Bavaria has ruled that the following persons are prohibited from entering the museum:

    • Those with non-specific general symptoms or respiratory symptoms of any severity.
    • Those who have come into contact with Covid-19 cases within the last 14 days.