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Nitrogen demonstration in the Physics exhibitionPhoto: Deutsches Museum
  • Science show

Liquid Nitrogen

At this science show, you can experience spectacular experiments to see how -196°C cold liquid nitrogen affects various substances - from handkerchiefs to roses.

  • Adults, Family and children, Young people

Liquid nitrogen is -196°C cold and thus has amazing properties. In the science show "Liquid Nitrogen" we show entertaining and impressive physics experiments about changing the state of substances with pressure and temperature. It bubbles, hisses and pops - but everything is highly scientific. Excitement guaranteed!

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Short film "Liquid nitrogen"

See some of the experiments you can experience at the Liquid Nitrogen demonstration in the short film.

More on Thermodynamics

There are numerous experiments and demonstrations on thermodynamics in the physics exhibition, which cover multiple topics such as the Joule-Thomson effect, thermal conduction and thermal radiation. An air separation plant from Linde is also on display.

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Lightning Show, liquid nitrogen or musical instruments

With our daily changing programme, you can experience knowledge live with guided tours, demonstrations and workshops in various exhibitions.

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