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View inside the Historic Aviation exhibition.Photo: Deutsches Museum
  • Guided tour

Historic Aviation

Rising to great heights: See balloons and kites, technical milestones such as the first gliders and first motorized aircraft and learn about aviation pioneers like Lilienthal and the Wright brothers.

When people began to learn from nature, aviation pioneers built daring flying machines: people ventured into unknown heights with hot-air balloons from the end of the 18th century. Around 100 years later, Otto Lilienthal managed to glide like a bird with his glider. He discovered the secret of buoyancy, to which the Wright brothers added a motor for propulsion and flight control a few years later in the USA. Thanks to them and many other engineers and technicians, enthusiasm for planes and airships grew across the globe until World War I – as did their potential for military destruction. Learn more about historic aviation in this guided tour (In German).

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