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Demonstration of a high-voltage current with a lightning discharge.Photo: Deutsches Museum
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High-Voltage Unit

The show classic with a million volts: During the demonstration of the high-voltage system, lightning regularly strikes and a staff member is under high voltage current - in a Faraday cage. Caution, it can get loud!

During the demonstration, visitors can experience high-voltage phenomena up close: effective experiments with alternating voltage of up to 300,000 volts and up to 1,000 amperes, experiments with pulse voltages that reach a maximum voltage of almost one million volts in two millionths of a second and thus simulate lightning strikes. During the Faraday cage demonstration, a museum staff member is raised up three metres high in a wire mesh cage and subjected to a lightning strike.

Be careful - it can get very noisy! Our staff will warn you beforehand and by "covering your ears" the demonstration is also suitable for the whole family.

This event is part of What’s on today: Discover Science LIVE!

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